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McGrath Video Training Program Series Overview

McGrath On Video Series Training ProgramMcGrath Training Systems’ three highly acclaimed video series can be used to supplement your on site programs or form the core of an inservice training that you present.


The Early Faces of Violence: From Schoolyard Bullying and Ridicule to Sexual Harassment

A seven-video series designed for pre-kindergarten through 6th grade students, their parents and educators.

The program includes:

  • Encouraging children to give up bullying, harassment and hurting others
  • Empowering techniques to neutralize bullying
  • Equipping teachers, staff, and parents with a process to take charge of the bullying issue
  • Developing lesson plans that promote a student, parent,and community partnership

For: Grades Pre-K through 6. Age-appropriate videos address various grade levels, administrators, teachers, staff and parents.


Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse: Minimize the Risk

A six-video series for any organization where sexual harassment and sexual abuse are a concern or reality among teens and young adults. Provides step-by-step processes for understanding, confronting, and preventing sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

Participants learn:

  • What sexual harassment is
  • How to take action to stop the harassment
  • How teachers and staff can avoid harm and liability
  • Vital do’s and don’ts for administrators and counselors
  • The role of parents and community members

For: Grades 6-12, colleges and universities, military academies, youth groups and clubs.

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