On Site Seminars

McGrath On Site Training Seminars

McGrath On Site Training SeminarsMcGrath Programs range from three hours to several days in duration, depending on the topic and the depth of training desired.

  • Most programs are one day long
  • In-depth programs are offered on two consecutive days
  • All programs can be modified to fit your educational agency’s needs

Athletic Liability – Designed to provide athletic directors, principals, and coaches with the legal requirements and guidelines regarding their duties and responsibilities for student and staff safety both on and off campus.

Bullying and Unlawful Harassment – Three training courses provide clear methods and procedures to meet legal requirements and practical tools that participants implement to prevent and neutralize the effects of bullying.

Discrimination – Participants will know exactly what discrimination and harassment is, what their responsibilities are, and the initial steps to take if they observe discrimination and/or harassment or if an incident is brought to their attention by an employee.

Educator Liability – Supervision of Off-Campus or Extracurricular Activities. Learn to identify and avoid the risks of harm and liability in non-classroom activity settings

Leadership Training – Participants learn to be proactive and constructive in addressing matters relating to teacher effectiveness, performance evaluation, improvement strategies, employment decisions and other challenging situations.

Performance Evaluation – Accelerate employee performance and create a culture of accountability through mastering the supervision, evaluation, and communication components of strong leadership.

Sexual Abuse and Misconduct – Three training courses provide school personnel with vital awareness, identification, and investigation skills.

Sexual Harassment – Three training courses are designed to define, identify, avoid, intervene, respond and investigate this critical behavioral.