CyberSchool Special Features

McGrath CyberSchool Program Special Features

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Pop-Ups: Take A Look Videos | Ask Mary Jo | Let’s Take A Closer Look | Want the Law? | Want Examples? | Challenge Me! Case In Point

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CyberSchool Online Course

How the McGrath CyberSchool Training Works
McGrath CyberSchool distance learning programs are designed to be self-paced yet interactive. They are written for independent people who are motivated to learn the subject matter, yet they hold student interest and foster deep thinking.

You will find that the lesson is easily navigable and that we train the subject matter thoroughly but efficiently. Each CyberSchool training program is a multimedia presentation. We illustrate the lessons with footage from our 19 McGrath videos as well as still photos and audio clips.

Clickable buttons and icons throughout the course allow students to learn even more about areas of particular interest. One such icon, “Want to know more? Ask Mary Jo” features school law attorney Mary Jo McGrath’s answers to frequently asked questions.

Students wishing to study a matter in still greater depth are directed to McGrath newsletter articles and to the full text of relevant court cases.

A discussion board allows students to engage in asynchronous class discussions and ask questions of McGrath trainers.

Test scores are automatically tracked and displayed for the employer. You can be confident that every participant understands the material. Individual testing provides evidence to any agency or court that you are doing the right thing. Printable reports include lists of test scores and Certificates of Completion to ensure compliance and limit liability.

GRADUATE CREDIT is available for both our on-site workshop and our CyberSchool program on sexual harassment investigation

Hardware Needed to Participate in McGrath CyberSchool Distance Learning Programs

If you have gotten this far, it is safe to assume you have the computer hardware you need to participate in McGrath CyberSchool distance learning programs.

To take our self-study courses, participants need to be able to access the Internet.

Our programs work on both Macintosh and PC computers.

We recommend a modem speed of at least 56 Kbps, and a cable, DSL or other high-speed connection is ideal.

An email address is not necessary for course participants. If your employees do not have email access but do have use of a computer at home or work, we can assign a login and password to them and they can take our courses.