SUCCEED Mentorship

McGrath SUCCEED with Communications, Supervision, Evaluation and Leadership: Mentorship Program

This live two-day program is designed to provide your administrators and supervisors with additional hands-on practice using the McGrath SUCCEED System and implementing the McGrevaluation process.

The first day of the McGrath SUCCEED with Communication, Supervision, Evaluation, and Leadership Mentorship Program will occur approximately 12 weeks after the McGrath SUCCEED with Communication, Supervision, Evaluation, and Leadership Course. The second Mentorship Day will follow 6 to 8 weeks after the initial Mentorship Day.

Mentorship Day 1

This day is critical to implementation. Participants come to the session having “tried out” the system. They bring their questions, concerns, even doubts to the foreground. They receive coaching on their actual work product and guidance in consistent and routine implementation of the system.

The McGrath Trainer will also focus on incorporating the McGrath SUCCEED with Communication, Supervision, Evaluation, and Leadership principles with your district’s existing policies, procedures and evaluation instruments. SUCCEED thus becomes a new context for the current system – one that empowers everyone involved.

Mentorship Day 2

This second follow up day is used to deepen what has already been learned and expand skills and knowledge to the arena of discipline. While most situations will never move all the way to discipline, it is critical that supervisors and administrators be trained in how to utilize the SUCCEED tools in this context.

The group will work on an actual case scenario involving discipline using the McGrath SUCCEED System to walk through the steps involved including a mock hearing.

A. Defining the need:

Implementing the McGrath SUCCEED System is simple, but it is not easy. Therefore,

  • Practitioners need experience using the system’s tools to build their skills and identify areas in which they need assistance.
  • Receiving a series of coaching sessions several weeks after implementing the system facilitates the practitioners’ ability to use the tools more effectively and with greater confidence.
  • Mentorship work also allows practitioners the opportunity to incorporate the SUCCEED System into the district’s policies, procedures and evaluation instruments, and to exsystem is used in disciplinary situations.

B. Defining the outcomes:

Following the series of Mentorship Days, practitioners will have confidence in their ability to use the McGrath SUCCEED System and its tools.

A learning community will have been established, wherein practitioners will work together to reinforce one another’s skills with and use of the system, contributing to ever-greater proficiency and consistency in its application.

Materials provided:

McGrath Training Systems will provide two electronic masters, each approximately 30 pages in length:

  1. SUCCEED Mentorship Program Level 1 Manual and
  2. SUCCEED Mentorship Program Level 2 Manual for each Mentorship participant.