SUCCEED Mastery Curriculum

McGrath SUCCEED with Communications, Supervision, Evaluation and Leadership: Mastery Curriculum

McGrath Certified Instructors will be trained to implement the SUCCEED Mastery Curriculum, consisting of 9 monthly lessons for developing mastery of the SUCCEED System. These monthly lessons facilitate ownership of the McGrath SUCCEED System and result in principled, effective action throughout the organization.

A. Defining the need:

Staff trained in the SUCCEED System will gain expertise in the system’s tools and techniques by working with facilitators who are the McGrath Certified Instructors. School Districts will experience employee turnover. You must have a strategy in place to train incoming administrative and supervisory employees in the use and implementation of the McGrath SUCCEED system in order to provide continuity of practice and maximize its investment in training.

B. Defining the outcomes:

Your School District will enact a powerful form of staff development, through the use of ongoing teams that meet regularly to continuously improve their practice of the McGrath SUCCEED System. The result will be a community of practice focused on using the McGrath SUCCEED System to impact employee performance and drive student achievement to greater heights.

Material provided:

McGrath Training Systems will provide for each trainee:

  • One (1) bound SUCCEED Instructor Manual for McGrath Certified Instructors (trainees must bring their SUCCEED with Communication, Supervision, Evaluation and Leadership course manual to this training);
  • One (1) SUCCEED Mastery Curriculum Participant Manual;
  • One (1) SUCCEED Mastery Curriculum Instructor Manual.