SUCCEED Instructor Training

The McGrath SUCCEED Training of Trainers “TOT” Program

The McGrath SUCCEED Train the Trainers program takes place over three consecutive days, followed by two consecutive days (six to eight weeks later) and is available after the basic SUCCEED Course. Participants who successfully complete the program become “Certified McGrath SUCCEED Instructors” and are authorized by McGrath Training Systems to conduct in-house training and provide coaching for district administrators within their own organizations under the McGrath License and Confidentiality Agreement. We train your group of candidates to deliver the two-day McGrath SUCCEED Course to supervisors and administrators within your organization and to facilitate the 9-month follow-up Mastery Curriculum.

A Certified McGrath SUCCEED Instructor is Authorized under License to:

  • Conduct in-house training for administrators, supervisors, teachers and staff that can be tailored to the time and class size needs of the district.
  • Act as a SUCCEED facilitator with learning communities of SUCCEED practitioners in your organization.
  • Provide on-site assistance, mentorship, regular coaching and review of adminitrators’/ supervisors’ work product.
  • Have access to a customized SUCCEED website for McGrath Instructors that
    provides ongoing growth and professional development in the area of transformational communication.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on issues and methods that have made a difference and enhanced the culture of trust, respect and growth in their school districts.
  • Receive a one-year subscription to the SUCCEED Online Support Program.

Training of Trainers “TOT” Program Flowchart with Certification & License RequirementsDownload the Training of Trainers “TOT” Program Flowchart with Certification & License Requirements

Download the SUCCEED TOT Course Content Description