SUCCEED Program Descriptions

McGrath SUCCEED with Communications, Supervision, Evaluation and Leadership: Foundations Course

This is a two-day class that introduces the tenets of SUCCEED, including the tools used to help foster active listening and organize thinking, writing and speaking. This basic course provides a system that has tools to empower leader-supervisors to communicate clearly and justly, verbally and in writing, supporting and enhancing excellence in performance.

The principles and practices embodied in the SUCCEED tools engender wise action through thoughtful analysis of situations and circumstances. The result is an organization-wide cultural shift in leadership and strategic thinking, employee job satisfaction, and increased student achievement.

The course is designed for administrators, directors, supervisors, principals and assistant principals.

A. Defining the need:

The SUCCEED with Communication, Supervision, Evaluation, and Leadership Foundations Course addresses the following participant needs:

  • Thinking and communication skills that facilitate trust, respect, understanding and growth.
  • The ability to objectively distinguish the facts, impact, and context pertaining to specific employee performance and client interaction.
  • Building effectiveness in on-the-spot problem-solving and dealing with complaints from parents, community, staff and/or students.
  • Developing the will and the skill to give honest feedback while maintaining a collegial, collaborative relationship.
  • Creating action plans that impact employee performance and project management.
  • Developing the skill, knowledge and ability to thoroughly and legally document for discipline, up to and including termination actions.
  • Bolstering confidence that their written documentation is legally fit and incorporates due process and just cause standards.
  • Understanding the law as it pertains to employee evaluation, documentation and supervision.

B. Defining the Outcomes.

The SUCCEED with Communication, Supervision, Evaluation, and Leadership Foundations Course will enable participants to:

  • Utilize a 4-point logic system for thinking and communicating that correlates human relationship standards—trust, respect, understanding, and growth—with the rights and protections the law affords.
  • Provide tailored supervision and evaluation, giving honest feedback and focused direction.
  • Distinguish management’s right to supervise and remediate from the employees’ rights regarding evaluation procedures.
  • Raise staff morale and effect systemic change.
  • Communicate verbally and in writing, being factually based and legally sound, leaving nothing to be disputed.
  • Set performance standards, design remediation plans and manage the outcomes.
  • Effectively handle complaints from teachers, staff, parents and clients.
  • Create documents for employee discipline/termination cases, which hold up through the entire legal process.
  • Retain qualified staff.

Materials provided:

McGrath Training Systems will provide one (1) bound, 182-page manual for each participant. This manual provides step-by-step instructions for applying The McGrath SUCCEED with Communication, Supervision, Evaluation, and Leadership System in the workplace and using it to create powerful results.

It also contains a documentation checklist and sample letters of commendation, remediation and reprimand using the McGrath FICA Template© documentation model.