McGrath SUCCEED System Curriculum in Action

The McGrath SUCCEED System curriculum uses practical tools that make supervision and evaluation easy and productive. It is used for staff development that improves the learning of all students by organizing adults into learning communities whose goals are aligned with those of the school and district. Participants engage in many hands-on activities and learn to incorporate the legal fairness standards of due process and just cause in their work.

SUCCEED is not a quick fix but rather provides practical tools for the day-today challenges of being a leader. The principles and practices embodied in the SUCCEED tools engender wise actions through thoughtful analysis of situations and circumstances. The result is an organization-wide cultural shift in leadership and strategic thinking, job satisfaction for employees, and increased student achievement.

The program will give you momentum with some of your key organizational strategies including:

  • Providing two-way proactive communication
  • Developing and maintaining professional learning communities
  • Providing highly effective professional development
  • Providing a safe and orderly environment for students and employees
  • Engaging in effective management practices