SUCCEED Implementation

SUCCEED Comprehensive Curriculum Implementation Outline

The McGrath SUCCEED System is not a quick fix or “drive by” approach. Novices with the McGrath SUCCEED System can develop the basic skills into an art form that truly transforms their relationship with the people they supervise. This takes practice and study. The ultimate goal with SUCCEED is for an organization to create study groups or learning communities to tackle the subject matter together and complete our Mastery Curriculum over a period of months.

The intent of SUCCEED is to cause a lasting paradigm shift and adaptation of this new model in every site and department. This can only be accomplished by deepening the learning over time. For those organizations that are committed to adopting and supporting the ongoing use of this approach organization-wide, we have created the complete curriculum and implementation plan below.

Phase 1 Programs:

McGrath SUCCEED Standard Program
(2-Day Program)
Session Capacity: 50 participants.
Materials: McGrath provides 1 bound 182-page manual for each participant.

SUCCEED Training of McGrath Certified Instructors
(5-day program – three consecutive days; then two consecutive days)

Number of Participants: 40 participants to be trained as McGrath Certified Instructors (MCIs) for the McGrath SUCCEED Standard Course and McGrath SUCCEED Mastery Curriculum.

Prerequisite: McGrath SUCCEED Standard Program.

Materials: McGrath provides 1 bound SUCCEED Instructor Manual for each participant. The trainees must bring their manuals from the SUCCEED Standard Course to this training.

McGrath SUCCEED Supervision of Certified Instructors in Training
(while Leading their First SUCCEED Basic Course in Pairs)

Training Goal: 40 McGrath SUCCEED Certified Instructors leading in pairs (20 total 2-day SUCCEED Courses); McGrath provides 2 hours of supervision on the 2nd day of each SUCCEED Basic Course.

Phase 2 Program:

McGrath SUCCEED Mentorship Program Day 1 and Day 2

(Six “Day 1” sessions; Six “Day 2” sessions)

Prerequisite: McGrath SUCCEED Standard Program

Materials: McGrath provides electronic masters in PDF School District for photocopying and assembling.

Phase 3 Programs:

McGrath SUCCEED Mastery Curriculum

(9 Lesson “In-House” Program)

Training Goal: MCIs deliver 9 McGrath SUCCEED Mastery lessons to their groups of 10-15 administrators and managers.

Prerequisites: MCIs must successfully complete the McGrath SUCCEED Training of Certified Instructors. Mastery participants must complete the McGrath SUCCEED Standard Course

Materials: McGrath provides 2 electronic masters in PDF format to the School District for photocopying by the School District according to McGrath specifications: (1) McGrath SUCCEED Mastery Curriculum Instructor Manual and (2) McGrath SUCCEED Mastery Curriculum Participant Manual.

Staff Introduction PowerPoint Presentation and Presenter Guide

Materials: McGrath Provides masters of the PowerPoint Presentation and the Presenter Guide (PDF format) which can be distributed electronically by the School District to each participant who completed the McGrath SUCCEED Standard Course.

Note: SUCCEED graduates may present these materials only as they are currently designed, to school district employees in his/her school site or department only, for the purpose of informing the employees that the SUCCEED System will be used in the School District. No other SUCCEED training may be delivered by SUCCEED program graduates who have not completed the Training of McGrath Certified Instructors, specifically they may not train anyone in the SUCCEED FICA methodology.