Addressing Organizational Needs

SUCCEED with Communication, Supervision, Evaluation, and Leadership Course addresses the following participant needs:

  • Development of thinking and communication skills that facilitate trust, respect, understanding and growth.
  • Honing the ability to objectively distinguish the facts, impact, and context pertaining to specific employee performance and client interaction.
  • Enhanced effectiveness in on-the-spot problem-solving and dealing with complaints from parents, community, staff and/or students.
  • Developing the will and the skill to give honest feedback while maintaining a collegial relationship.
  • Facility with creating action plans that impact employee performance and project management.
  • Skill, knowledge and ability to thoroughly and legally document for discipline, up to and including dismissal.
  • Confidence that their written documentation is legally fit and incorporates due process and just cause standards.
  • Understanding of the law as it pertains to employee evaluation, documentation and supervision.

Participant Outcomes

This Course will prepare supervisors and administrators to:

  • Utilize a 4-point logic system for thinking and communicating that correlates human relationship standards—trust, respect, understanding, and growth—with the rights and protections the law affords.
  • Provide tailored supervision and evaluation, giving honest feedback and focused direction.
  • Distinguish management’s right to supervise and remediate from the employees’ rights regarding evaluation procedures.
  • Raise staff morale and effect systemic change.
  • Communicate verbally and in writing, being factually based and legally sound, leaving nothing to be disputed.