Supervision, Evaluation and Leadership: Overview

McGrath Succeed Leadership program provides leaders with both practical tools and transformational approaches that allow them to communicate with and lead others to excellence. Honesty, compassion, accountability, as well as due process and just cause are at the core of every process. This systematic and ethical approach moves people past the dominance of individual interests to outstanding personal and organizational performance.

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Addressing Organizational Needs

Relevance of Course Content to School Leader Standards


The McGrath SUCCEED System:

  • Facilitates collaborative, collegial interactions with employees
  • Supports professional growth
  • Fosters a culture of accountability
  • Builds employee competence
  • Enhances leadership skills


“What is SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK and How Does It Work?”

Participants learn:

  • Constructive verbal and written communication methods that are factually based and legally sound
  • How to set performance standards
  • How to design Remediation plans
  • Educationally sound and legally based methods to commend highly effective performance, encourage growth of average performance, remediation of ineffective performance, and discipline or remove persistent unsatisfactory performance.
  • Additional culture changing methods that impact individual and organizational effectiveness.

Create a culture of accountability through mastering the communication, supervision, and evaluation components of strong leadership.
Logical thinking and communication models provide a foundation to understand, analyze and organize complex situations. This frees personal and organizational time to focus on the substance of issues and relationships with people.

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Learn why the SUCCEED Constructive Feedback Process Gets Results.

For: School site administrators, central office administrators, and classified managers.