Sexual Harassment Testimonials

What Leaders in Education Are Saying About the McGrath Sexual Misconduct Curriculum:

“When I was asked to speak about Mary Jo McGrath’s materials and the training she has provided in our region for the Midwest Equity Assistance Center, I told her I would be happy to do that.

We started implementing McGrath training in 1997 in Des Moines, Iowa. Our initial goal was to put the administrators from Des Moines Public Schools through a sexual harassment investigation training. Since then, we’ve utilized McGrath Training Systems in four states: Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa – providing both their basic and advanced bullying and sexual harassment investigation courses for school site administrators, investigators, Title IX officers and attorneys in our region. We continue to offer McGrath Training through the present.

McGrath has also developed excellent videos for training staff, students, administrators and the community. These videos depict highly relevant and engaging case studies for school districts to use with their staff and students.

“Sexual Harassment: Minimize the Risk” provides a comprehensive, 6-video approach to the issue for use in secondary schools and colleges.

McGrath’s video series, “The Early Faces of Violence: From Schoolyard Bullying and Ridicule to Sexual Harassment,” deals powerfully with both the legal and socio-emotional aspects of bullying in our elementary schools.

I heartedly endorse the awareness and investigation training that Mary Jo McGrath and her personnel provide in the areas of sexual, racial, and cultural diversity, including their latest training programs and videos on school bullying.

Charles Rankin
Executive Director
Midwest Equity Assistance Center
Kansas City, KS

“I attended my first McGrath Training approximately 5 years ago, soon after I was hired as the Employee Relations Specialist, conducting Sexual Harassment investigations for the Ysleta ISD. Ysleta currently serves nearly 50,000 students. It has 6000 administrators, teachers and staff and 58 campuses.

Our Department purchased McGrath videos and these videos are used for training our employees and students in the area of Sexual Harassment. I am now implementing the Bullying portion into my trainings in our District.

I have learned so much from the McGrath Trainings with my first training being conducted by Mary Jo McGrath, herself.

I am a very confident investigator and trainer because I believe that I have been “armed” with the best information there is on these topics. The definitions are very clear and the examples are easy to relate to. There is nothing left to wonder about after attending a McGrath training and the Manual has all of the answers to the questions that may come about. The staff is friendly, courteous and prompt.

My McGrath Manuals are my “Bibles” for investigation and training. When it comes to Sexual Harassment and Bullying investigations and training, I am McGrath.”

Cliffie James
Employee Relations Specialist
Ysleta Independent School District
El Pass, Texas

Ysleta ISD was the first urban school district anywhere in the state to be named a “Recognized District” for student performance on the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills test (TAAS). Nine district schools have been named National Blue Ribbon Schools, while eight are National Title One Distinguished Campuses.

“I don’t think that most school districts have allotted the resources to face sexual harassment head on nor do they realize the importance of digging deep. Before the McGrath training, our people were doing their best to address immediate problems, but missing the underlying causes.

Out of the McGrath Training, we reorganized the way we intake and investigate sexual harassment claims. The McGrath Sexual Harassment Investigation Training gave us exactly what we needed.

We learned what a good investigation entails and what it takes to get the documentation you need. Had I not been through the McGrath training, I would never have had the insight to recommend and establish an independent investigation arm for adult-to-adult and adult-to-student complaints.

Our human resources staff and the independent investigation team all attended the McGrath training. Then we brought McGrath back in to train every principal and assistant principal to intake, manage and investigate student complaints.

We are now fully trained to do what we need to do to protect students and employees from harm and to keep the school board out of trouble.”

Dwight Collier
Chief Internal Auditor (Ret.)
Caddo Parish Public Schools
Shreveport, Louisiana

Caddo Parish Public Schools serves more than 46,000 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The district has approximately 6600 administrators, teachers and staff and 73 schools including some of top performing schools in the state of Louisiana. Caddo is home to 7 Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence as designated by the US Department of Education.

Letter to William Berard, McGrath Certified Trainer:

Dear Bill:

Many Thanks for your contributions to the sexual harassment and investigations training for Title IX cadets and the Officer of the Guard Association at VMI last week. It was an intense several days for the cadets and for the presenters.

The feedback I’ve received has been very positive. I think the cadets learned a lot, were provoked to think and to interact by the questions you answered and exercises you had them do. They were very upbeat about the whole experience and they bonded together during the process; a result that will help VMI throughout the year.

I have asked the cadets to give me their comments on the overall training: the time allotted, the activities, the topics, who else should attend, etc. and I expect to receive the information in the next week or so. Their evaluations may result in some adjustments to the schedule for next year (I hate to thin that far ahead!), and perhaps some increase in the numbers of cadets who participate. If that is the case, I will get in touch with you as soon as I know about it so you may adjust.

Also, since we have a new Superintendent at VMI, General J.H. Binford Peay III, who has a significant interest in the topics you presented, he may have some suggestions for how training can occur. I’ll stay in touch if it is appropriate.

Again, many thanks. It’s very useful to VMI to have outside perspectives presented to cadets that actually reinforce what we convey internally.

Susan H. Barr, Ph.D.
Colonel, VA Militia
Dean of Academic Support and Cadet Services