Sexual Harassment Intervention & Complaint Management On Site

Sexual Harassment Intervention & Complaint Management On Site Program

Sexual Harassment Intervention and Complaint Management On Site ProgramThis module is designed for anyone on campus who is in a position to receive and respond to sexual harassment complaints. The training walks participants through the processing of a complaint, from initial intake through determination of appropriate action.


Participants will learn:

  • To conduct an appropriate initial inquiry when an incident occurs
  • The vital do’s and don’ts of prompt, thorough complaint intake
  • A process for employees and students to report incidents
  • To apply the McGrath four-point logic formula to analyze an incident
  • A process and steps to include parents when students are involved
  • The type of information that will be needed for any subsequent formal investigation that may occur

For: Site administrators, classified managers, deans, security personnel, Title IX officers, student assistance coordinators, and school counselors.