Sexual Harassment Awareness On Site

Sexual Harassment Awareness On Site Program

Sexual Harassment Awareness On Site ProgramProfessional trainers with legal and educational backgrounds deliver consistent, clear and practical information to inform, protect and inspire participants to create behavioral change. Audience specific courses are tailored to address the issues for each educational level and member of the educational community. Courses can be two to four hours, depending upon the audience.


Participants will learn:

  • What behaviors constitute sexual harassment
  • Detecting and preventing the behavior
  • Helping the participant discern between flirting and hurting
  • Identifying the “damage” harassing behavior causes
  • Getting past the “code of silence”
  • What responses are required by the school district’s sexual harassment policies
  • Schools responsibility to protect students and other employees, and what liability exists should they fail in this.

For: All teachers, staff, administrators, and risk managers