Sexual Abuse & Misconduct Awareness On Site

Sexual Misconduct: Adult to Student – Awareness Training Programs

Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Awareness On Site


Training for Administrators, Teachers and Staff

School administrators, teachers and staff want to keep students safe from predators in their midst, but they simply don’t know how to identify the behaviors that indicate sexual misconduct is occurring. This failure can result in great harm to the students and expose the district and the individual to legal liability. Only by training every school employee to identify and report the subtle signs of adult sexual misconduct can you begin to properly protect students.

Mary Jo McGrath’s newest course trains school personnel to identify the early warning signs that adult to student sexual misconduct may be taking place.

Course Content

Definition and Identification:

  • Examples of Sexual Abuse in School
  • Sexual Misconduct – Adult to Student
  • Common barriers to early detection

Behavioral Early Warning Signs:

  • Emotional Shifts and Statements of Victims and Predators
  • Changes in Behavior
  • Physical Evidence That is Apparent

Perpetrators’ Behaviors:

  • Boundary Violations – “Trolling” “Grooming” “Lulling”
  • How to Categorize Behaviors and Report – Green Flags, Yellow Flags, Red Flags

Minimizing the Risk of Harm and Liability:

  • A Five-Point Criterion to Judge By
  • Rights and Responsibilities of School Employees
  • The Reality of Sexual Misconduct by School Employees

Download the McGrath Sexual Misconduct Brochure for more details.

Participants learn:

  • Definitions and examples of sexual misconduct (adult to student, student to student, student to adult)
  • To recognize common behaviors that may be questionable and should be avoided
  • How to identify the early warning signs of sexual abuse and misconduct
  • How to identify and respond to behavior that appears to cross the line or makes them uncomfortable
  • How and what to report to appropriate authorities

McGrath Curriculum Preview for Sexual Misconduct In SchoolsThis is a turnkey facilitated training your staff can deliver. Length is 1hour, 15 minutes.

Program Includes:

  • Flash Presentation with Video
  • Instructor Manual
  • Participant Manual
  • Pre-Post Tests
  • Certificate of Completion

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