Sexual Abuse & Misconduct

Program Overview and Training Options

Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Program TrainingOverview

This is a three course program designed to provide school personnel with the knowledge, skills, procedures, and legally sound tools to prevent harm and provide a safe school and working environment.

The courses are modular, made up of workshops, online classes, and videos that can function independently or as part of a complete system. We will customize the program to meet your needs and to the interests of a specific audience. This adds flexibility and ensures that the message will be received with clarity, impact and enthusiasm.


Learn what sexual abuse and misconduct is and how to detect the early warning signs.


The prevention, and the correct procedures for handling the complaint management process.


Process information, procedures, and legal requirements for site and district personnel.

Some of what participants will learn includes;

  • Clear guidance on detecting and preventing the behavior
  • What to do if they observe or are themselves subjected to sexual abuse and or misconduct.
  • Helping the participant discern between mischievious and misconduct.
  • Identifying the “damage” abuse and misconduct behavior causes
  • Getting past the “code of silence”
  • Investigating complaints and working with law enforcement
  • Understanding the legal consequences of sexual abuse and misconduct
  • Implementing legally sound policies and procedures
  • Shielding you and your district from lawsuits
  • Improve community relations by taking a proactive approach

Training with McGrath ensures that participants learn the legal requirements of dealing with the issue. It inspires participants to create a safe environment that avoids harm to students and minimizes liability for the school district.

Sexual Abuse & Misconduct Resources