Employee Misconduct

Employee Misconduct Program Overview

Exercising supervisory responsibility over employees can be challenging particularly when the administrator must address suspected employee misconduct. McGrath Training Systems offers step-by-step training to equip administrators in fact-finding activities such as identifying potential witnesses to the alleged misconduct, any victims or systems impacted by the misconduct and interviewing witnesses, victims and the subject employee.

Our training will empower administrators to logically analyze the situation, properly document their investigatory procedures and findings and discuss the facts of the matter with the employee. Using the SUCCEED TRUE-SPEAK communication system, the administrator will be confident in discussing his or her findings with the employee and explaining the necessary course of action, whether it be discipline, remediation or termination, if required. The training includes guidance on conducting follow-up discussions as needed to make sure the misconduct has stopped. It also addresses how to interact with union representatives throughout the process.

This training is appropriate for central office administrative staff, site administrators, and others in supervisory roles. Contact info@mcgrathinc.com or call 800-733-1638 for additional information.

What is the McGrath SUCCEED System?