Document Discipline & Dismiss

The Document Discipline & Dismiss program

Document, Discipline, Dismiss: Proactively Address Performance Issues

A consistent, system-wide written and spoken language process with accompanying tools provides site administrators and classified managers with the safest way to minimize risk when disciplining and/or terminating employees. Performance, supervision, discipline, and termination issues are addressed with a legally fit and educationally sound method that instills employee responsibility for quality performance and produces the appropriate paper trail.

Participants will learn:

  • The skills needed to effectively deal with difficult performance-related issues
  • To use tools for consistent compliance with due process and just cause standards
  • Management’s rights and responsibilities to supervise while creating an atmosphere of collegiality, accountability, and cooperation
  • Documentation procedures and a step-by-step process that supports a disciplinary/termination decision that will hold up under legal scrutiny

For: School site administrators, central office administrators, and classified managers and supervisors.