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Bullying and Harassment Solutions: How to Educate, Investigate, Remediate

Bullying and Harassment Solutions: How to Educate, Investigate, Remediate BookBy Mary Jo McGrath, Attorney at Law
VistaMar Publications, 2011

A Must Read for All School Administrators!

In Bullying and Harassment Solutions for Schools, author Mary Jo McGrath draws on over 30 years experience as a school law attorney, expert witness, and consultant in matters of peer harassment and student misconduct. She presents thesubject of bullying and harassment from a legal perspective and shows school administrators exactly how to navigate through the murky waters surrounding these issues. The book includes an overview of bullying behavior as it occurs in schools including relational and cyberbullying. The areas of applicable law and potential liability are presented in user-friendly terms that make the duty to protect students both clear and accessible. The author lays out a systematic approach that includes step-by-step practices and procedures for identifying actionable incidents and patterns of behavior, complaint intake, complaint management, informal inquiry, documentation and investigation. Forms, checklists, samples policies, useful web sites and a law case digest are also included.

Comments from Readers:

“As a school counselor and certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Trainer, I found Mary Jo’s book to be filled with essential information. It is genuinely readable with a minimum of legalbabble. The McGrath SUCCEED System is used to investigate bullying and illegal harassment as well as build a caring culture. It is a thorough,respectful, understanding and humane system that integrates legalities with the need for a relationship connection among students, staff and community.”

Jill Boyd, M.S., Vice President
International Bullying Prevention Association

“Since 1996, I have used the McGrath approach and its proven, effective processes and procedures to create a safe and orderly school environment in the districts I have served. The book not only captures these important processes, it also conveys the best hopes for preventing inappropriate behaviors. It encourages the spirit of fostering a culture that is proactive, not reactive – a culture based on growth, not just prevention.”

Dr.Greg Firn
Superintendent of Anson County Schools
Wadesboro, North Carolina



Chapter 1 – Indentifying Bullying
Chapter 2 – Through the Eyes of the Victim
Chapter 3 – Relational and Cyberbullying


Chapter 4 – Bullying Through a Legal Lens
Chapter 5 – When Bullying is Legally Actionable


Chapter 6 – Daily Practices to Conquer Bullying
Chapter 7 – Powered By Principles
Chapter 8 – A Legally Sound To Do List
Chapter 9 – Creating and Following a Game Plan

PART IV: Resources

Resource A: Forms
Resource B: Legislation and Policies
Resource C: Suggested 360-Degree Anti-Bullying Training Plan
Resource D: Glossary
Resource E: Useful Web Sites



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