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Participants will learn the different types of bullying, behavioral signs in victims and perpetrators, the districts responsibilities and legal exposure and more. This training program is for administrators, teachers and staff, and students.


Participants will learn how to immediately intervene, record incidents on legally fit forms, create legally defensible paper trail and more. This training program is for administrators, teachers, staff, and counselors.


Participants will learn how to conduct a thorough, impartial investigation of misconduct allegations, utilize complete system of procedures, forms, and checklists for legal and educational compliance and more. This training program is for administrators, Title IX officers, and designated investigative teams.

Quote from Mary Jo McGrath
Excerpts from a recent article

“In fact, bullying is not a conflict,” Ms. McGrath asserts. “It is a form of illegal harassment and an abuse of power. Physical bullying can become criminal assault. While conflict resolution seems like a good way to teach students to work together and problem solve, it is an ineffective and inappropriate response to bullying. If they are going to make any real headway on this subject, school districts must shift their focus. What can and must be done immediately is to change the adult response to bullying. We must make it safe for students to report bullying, and then demonstrate a prompt, effective, consistent, and age-appropriate response to incidents and patterns every time they occur.

When a student complains of bullying, or bullying is observed or suspected by a teacher, administrator or staff member, the McGrath program provides a structure for action. It outlines a method for documentation, intervention, complaint intake and investigation, which leads to appropriate disciplinary action against bullies and protects victims”.

Bullying and Harassment Solutions: How to Educate, Investigate, Remediate BookWe cover more in-depth information on bullying issues in our book titled Bullying and Harassment Solutions: How to Educate, Investigate, Remediate
By Mary Jo McGrath, Attorney at Law
VistaMar Publications, 2011

A Must Read for All School Administrators!

In Bullying and Harassment Solutions for Schools, author Mary Jo McGrath draws on over 30 years experience as a school law attorney, expert witness, and consultant in matters of peer harassment and student misconduct. She presents the subject of bullying and harassment from a legal perspective and shows school administrators exactly how to navigate through the murky waters surrounding these issues. The book includes an overview of bullying behavior as it occurs in schools including relational and cyberbullying. The areas of applicable law and potential liability are presented in user-friendly terms that make the duty to protect students both clear and accessible. More…

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Educator responses to the question: “What did you most value in this training?”

“The tools and resources on bullying.”

“Sound strategies to help teachers.”

“Lessons to implement to effectively reach children and act appropriately.”

“Valuable information that I will use at all grade levels and share with teachers and staff, exactly what a bully is, what signs a teacher should look for and how bullying can be prevented.”

“New insights, material and a better understanding of bullying.”

“Hands on experience from the models given.”

“Good information about what to look for in both the bully and the victim.”

“Outstanding legal information about bullying and harassment”

“A logical method for helping students, staff, and parents identify and stop bullying and harassment.”

“This was just what I was hoping for with my staff!”

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