Bullying Intervention – Complaint Mgmt. On Site

Bullying: Intervention & Complaint Management On Site Program

Bullying Investigation Training Program OnsiteOur Bullying Intervention – Complaint Management On Site Program is structured for site administrators, classified managers, deans, security personnel, title IX officers, student assistance coordinators and school counselors. Prerequisite: All attendees should complete the Awareness session so that legal and socio-emotional definitions and issue identification are fully understood.

For: Site Administrators, Classified Managers, Deans, Security Personnel, Title IX Officers, Student Assistance Coordinators, School Counselors


Participants will learn how to immediately intervene, record incidents on legally fit forms, create legally defensible paper trail and more. This training program is for administrators, teachers, staff, and counselors.

GRADUATE CREDIT is available for ONSITE workshops.

This training is designed for anyone on campus who is in a position to receive and respond to student-to-student bullying and harassment complaints. The McGrath Trainer will provide an overview of applicable laws and procedures while inquiring into the psychodynamics of victims, perpetrators and witnesses. The training is designed to walk the participants through the processing of a complaint from initial intake through determination of appropriate action, including guidelines for determining if a formal investigation is warranted and who should conduct the investigation.

Participants will learn:

  • How to immediately intervene in an incident
  • How to record the incident using legally fit forms
  • How to protect targeted students
  • How to follow up with parents
  • How to create a legally defensible paper trail

Complaint Intake and Management Process
(designed as a full day training but can be customized to fit district needs)
Participants will receive comprehensive training in the unique methods required for the legally sound intake and management of bullying and harassment complaints including:

  1. Deeper understanding of liability issues and exposure for the individual and school district;
  2. Applying the McGrath 5-Point Criterion for determining whether conduct may be legally actionable harassment or bullying;
  3. Communicating, disseminating and following your board policies;
  4. The duty to provide a safe learning environment and what that entails;
  5. Tracking and detecting patterns of victimization;
  6. Getting individuals (students and employees) to report incidents;
  7. Vital do’s and don’ts of complaint intake;
  8. Applying the McGrath FICA Standard to analyze an incident;
  9. The fundamental principles of the McGrath SUCCEED System for managing bullying complaints and altering the school culture;
  10. Conducting a preliminary inquiry when an incident occurs;
  11. Managing confidentiality issues (what’s legal);
  12. Reaching and including parents;
  13. Avoiding charges of negligence and/or deliberate indifference;
  14. Preventing and/or responding to retaliation by involved parties;
  15. Analyzing the psychodynamics of victims, perpetrators and witnesses;
  16. Utilizing legally sound forms and templates for fact acquisition and report preparation.

A comprehensive, 100+ page Bullying and Harassment Complaint Intake and Management Manual is provided for each participant.