Bullying Awareness Online

McGrath CyberSchool: Staff Awareness Curriculum

For all personnel employed by school districts.

For all personnel employed by school districts.

Sexual Abuse and Misconduct – Staff Awareness

Sexual Harassment OnlineParticipants will learn to:

  • Identify the behavior of sexual abuse and misconduct
  • Avoid harm and liability with trusted methods and techniques
  • Understand the importance of boundaries
  • Identify patterns of victimization and behavioral warning signs in victims
  • Recognize the profile and behaviors of a perpetrator – male or female

For: All administrators and staff, parents, volunteers, and coaches.
Note: This program and the one below complies with legal requirements for training in California and Connecticut; call us to see if your state has specific sexual harassment training requirements.


Participants will learn the different types of bullying, behavioral signs in victims and perpetrators, the districts responsibilities and legal exposure and more. This training program is for administrators, teachers and staff, and students.

Sexual Harassment – Staff Awareness

Participants will learn:

  • To identify different types of sexual harassment – employee to employee, employee to student, student to student, and student to employee
  • Methods and techniques to avoid harm and liability
  • What sexual harassment is, as well as what it looks and feels like
  • What their rights and responsibilities are as school employees
  • What they need to know to contribute to a safe, respectful work and school environment
  • Steps to take should they observe or experience sexual harassment

CyberSchool Online Course

For: All personnel employed by school districts.