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Bullying ProgramNearly every state has introduced or enacted bullying legislation that mandates school districts to intervene or prevent persistent, pervasive and/or severe acts of bullying action. Three training courses provide clear methods and procedures to meet those legal requirements and practical tools that participants implement to prevent and neutralize the effects of bullying. The interaction of human dynamics and defined legal requirements are combined to provide resolution of day to day issues and policy requirements that will create a safe and productive environment. Onsite, Online or Video material is delivered with quality, interactivity and in-depth coverage.

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All McGrath Bullying programs address the issue from two perspectives: the human dynamics involved and legal liability.

  • We look at bullying from the point of view of victims, bullies and bystanders. How are each affected? What are the signs?
  • McGrath also takes a 360-degree approach, providing training for everyone in the school community.
  • Bullying is a Safety Issue
  • Bullying is a Legal Issue

Download the comprehensive McGrath Bullying and Harassment: Minimize the Risk Curriculum. Includes: Rationale for Training, Curriculum Overview, Programs and Objectves, Materials and more.


Participants will learn the different types of bullying, behavioral signs in victims and perpetrators, the districts responsibilities and legal exposure and more. This training program is for administrators, teachers and staff, and students.


Participants will learn how to immediately intervene, record incidents on legally fit forms, create legally defensible paper trail and more. This training program is for administrators, teachers, staff, and counselors.


Participants will learn how to conduct a thorough, impartial investigation of misconduct allegations, utilize complete system of procedures, forms, and checklists for legal and educational compliance and more. This training program is for administrators, Title IX officers, and designated investigative teams.

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Only McGrath Training Systems offers programs that are legally fit, educationally sound, and designed to intervene with the entire school community:

  • Students, pre-k through high school
  • Teachers
  • Key staff such as bus drivers, coaches, playground monitors, and extra-curricular activity supervisors
  • Parents
  • Administrators
  • Counselors, School Nurses, Health Assistants and Health Educators
  • School Safety Officers

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