Bullying Interventions & Investigations

Be trained to investigate complaints of bullying, sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination and to deliver the 2-day McGrath Intake and Investigation Course, and the 90-minute Staff Awareness training, within your organization and beyond. Course designer, Mary Jo McGrath, will instruct and certify candidates as Local Instructors who will use comprehensive scripts to train school personnel and identified educators.

The Instructor Certification training includes small group activities, role-playing and up-front delivery with individual coaching from Mary Jo McGrath during the course. The goal is that each Instructor Candidate will gain in-depth knowledge of the legally fit and educationally sound handling of situations, from assessment through investigation, including how to instruct others in the approach. When the Local Instructor trains the course for school personnel, participant learning materials are purchased from McGrath Training Systems.

Certified Instructors Will Acquire Skills and Knowledge to:

  1. Conduct thorough, objective investigations of complaints.
  2. Deliver the 2-day McGrath Intake and Investigation Course, as well as the 90-Minute Staff Awareness Training.
  3. Utilize the in-depth resources that are included with the registration fee: an Instructor manual, online analytical tools, comprehensive scripts, posters, and the PowerPoint presentation. Individualized support from the McGrath training team will be available for an additional consultation fee.
  4. Learn the important distinction between the worlds of behavioral change and legal compliance in bullying, sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination intervention, reporting and investigation.
  • a. Understand the liability of district office and site administrators and staff for non-compliance with Federal and State statutes and District policies.
  • b. Be fluent in a practical, step-by-step framework, which includes working definitions of bullying, sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination and provides:
    • i. Steps to determine what type of investigation is warranted site level or district.
    • ii. Guidance on implementing a uniform system throughout the organization;
    • iii. And, much more
  • c. Be skilled in the FICATM formula, a methodology for creating and implementing legally-fit and educationally sound action.
  • d. Learn and practice specialized interviewing questions and techniques that get to the root cause of the incident to help stop the behavior and reduce district liability in potential lawsuits.