Athletic Liability Newsletters

McGrath Athletic Liability Training: Overview

“Protect Students, Yourself and Your District”

Designed to provide athletic directors, principals, and coaches with the legal requirements and guidelines regarding their duties and responsibilities for student and staff safety both on and off campus. A range of topics creates awareness of issues and circumstances which could put the employee and/or the district at risk for legal liability.

Participants will learn:

  • To identify the greatest risks and liabilities in sports and how to avoid them
  • Employer and individual liability in school athletics
  • Responsibility as a District Employee and “Duty to Protect” requirements
  • Legal guidelines and precautions related to health issues such as serious injuries, heat related illness, eating disorders, steroid use, and more.
  • Awareness and prevention of sexual harassment, peer to peer harassment, hazing, and other unsafe student or coaching acts.
  • To avoid “deliberate indifference” charges
  • How to use daily duty-of-care checklists and report forms
  • To properly inform and warn parents and athletes of risks
  • Successful communication strategies in athletics

The following are the Athletic Liability Newsletters

Vulnerable Educator Part 1: Educators, Be Wise…. Supervise!

Vulnerable Educator Part 2: Are You a Vulnerable Educator?

Vulnerable Educator Part 3: “Are We There Yet?” Supervising Students During Off-Campus Activities

Athletic Liability Series Part 1: Play Ball! 5 Vital Tips for Legally Fit Athletic Fundraising

Athletic Liability Series Part 2: Stop Student Hazing

Athletic Liability Series Part 3: Conditioning Athletes: Are You Ready for the Heat?

McGrath Training Systems will provide each participant attending the workshop with a McGrath Athletic Liability Training Manual.

The McGrath Athletic Liability Training is generally conducted as a full day seminar.

For: Principals, athletic directors and coaches of all sports programs.