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General Topics of Frequently Asked Questions

Our unique approach: Blending human dynamics with legal integrity

Mary Jo McGrath, Founder and President of McGrath Systems, Inc. is a practicing attorney with over 23 years experience in education and personnel law. Additionally, she has led human development courses for more than twenty years, covering such topics as Being Extraordinary, Creativity: Living at Risk, and Excellence: On the Mark.

With this dual expertise, Ms. McGrath has developed for McGrath Systems programs and services which take full advantage of the depth of her expertise in both the law and the delicate intricacies associated with the complex issues surrounding how people relate to each other. Our products and services unite the legal rights and responsibilities of the work and school environments with the human dynamics present in everyday life. They are legally based and have powerful proven human dynamics.

Based on national recognition as an expert on sexual harassment in schools and workplaces, Ms. McGrath was selected to Chair the United States Department of Education’s Expert Panel on Safe, Disciplined and Drug-Free Schools. She has designed for McGrath Systems a Sexual Harassment Intervention Curriculum, educating and training adults and students in all aspects of the issue of harassment and discrimination, from awareness to advanced investigation techniques and strategies.

Another area of expertise is the law and human dynamics of quality employee and management performance. Ms. McGrath has developed a proven methodology for enhancing effectiveness and development through what she calls constructive communication. This methodology is embodied in the copyrighted McGrath SUCCEED Communication System, which produces excellence in management/employee communication, performance and evaluation.

Our experienced trainers

Since 1978, Ms. McGrath and her associates have trained over 100,000 executives and managers in employee supervision, evaluation and documentation and in matters pertaining to sexual harassment, discrimination and misconduct. Our programs are delivered through a variety of methods including group discussion, role-play, videos, skill building, and written materials.

The field of “legally based training” has a reputation for being dry, boring and full of “legalese”. This is because most qualified legal experts are simply not qualified educators. McGrath Trainers are that rare combination–both experts in their field and highly skilled, entertaining trainers. They consistently receive the highest ratings and accolades from workshop participants.

The value of our programs

Our programs are comprehensive. We cover all of the bases and leave participants confident in their skill and ability to manage from, think from, and operate from the McGrath approach. Our reference materials are easy to follow and our forms and templates include all of the elements necessary for legally sound documentation.

Sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, cultural diversity, and athletic liability are highly complex and sensitive issues. These areas of law are continually growing as the courts and administrative agencies attempt to further define and hammer out the scope of liability. While it is impossible to cover all bases on which liability may attach, it is possible to minimize the risks of harm to employees and students, as well as protect an employer from liability. McGrath Programs leave your managers and staff fully trained and prepared to implement proven, effective procedures, providing the best possible protection for all.

What is the McGrath Template©?

The McGrath Template© is a series of questions that direct thinking to various areas. These particular questions have been selected because they inquire into the constellation of behaviors, attitudes, and needs which make up a person; in this case, both employee and manager. The purpose of the McGrath Template© is to align both manager and employee with the principles that allow for stability, receptivity and growth. These principles include such qualities as honesty, compassion and accountability.

The McGrath Template© is designed to manage the manager by organizing thinking about a situation and providing a logical sequence for communication. The McGrath Template© is unique in that it correlates fundamental principles with the rights and protections the law affords to the workplace or school environment. The McGrath Template© is a map which allows managers to align their supervision of employees with human relations standards while navigating today’s legal waters.

Are your workshops just for Schools?

Absolutely not.

The same dynamics that take place in the school setting occur in private enterprise and public agency management. While we got our start in public education, we have designed McGrath Workshops to be delivered in any workplace setting from businesses and corporations to not-for-profit organizations to City, County, State and Federal government agencies.

The McGrath SUCCEED Communication System also has applications outside of the manager-employee arena, including teacher-student and parent-child communication and can easily be customized for delivery to these groups.

Do your programs satisfy union requirements?

Our templates, forms, and procedures are all structured to provide evaluation, reports, and documentation, which satisfy requirements of due process and just cause, fundamental employee rights demanded by both unions and courts. Managers and administrators trained in The McGrath SUCCEED Communication System and/or McGrath Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Investigation know what to do and say in a meeting regarding employee or student performance, how to write communications that get the point across but don’t destroy staff relations, and how to think through issues, knowing what’s important and what’s not.

What makes your videos for schools unique?

Our best-selling videos for schools–“Sexual Harassment: Minimize the Risk” (6 video series) and “The Early Faces of Violence” (7 video series) were produced with the school environment in mind. Both series cover the entire school community including students ages 4 to 19, staff and teachers, parent education and community outreach, and training for complaint managers, investigators, counselors, and administrators.

Well scripted, acted, and directed each video was filmed and edited to capture and hold the audience and to deliver the message in a powerful and memorable fashion.

“Sexual Harassment: Minimize the Risk” (for middle and high schools) is recommended by the California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse and “The Early Faces of Violence” (for elementary schools) is recommended by the California Department of Education Healthy Kids Program.

For video descriptions go to VIDEOS FOR SCHOOLS.

Do I have the most current version of “Sexual Harassment: Minimize the Risk”?

The video series “Sexual Harassment: Minimize the Risk” was first released in 1993 as a 3 video set. Due to changes in federal law, the series was revised, expanded and re-released as a 6 video set in 1996. The 1996 version was reviewed in 2000 to be sure that the content was still consistent with current case law. The 1996 series remains legally sound and current.

Is there a Spanish Language version of “Sexual Harassment: Minimize the Risk”?

The video series “Sexual Harassment: Minimize the Risk” is not currently available in Spanish. We currently maintain a list of interested schools and organizations. We anticipate completion of this project in 2005.

Do you have a video on employee to employee harassment for use in the workplace?

No, not at this time. We would proceed with such a project if we had enough customer interest. Please let us know your thoughts. What needs are not being addressed by videos currently available to employers?

Is this training available on line?

Yes! The McGrath Sexual Harassment and Abuse: Minimize the Risk Distance Learning Series is available on line. Course 1 — Complaint Intake, Management and Investigation — and Course 2 — Awareness for School Employees — are fully functioning and in use in pre-K through higher ed school systems throughout the US. Course 3 — Awareness for Business and Government Employees will be on line in May 2004.

You are based in California and I live in another state. Will your program still apply?

Yes, we train throughout the United States and Canada, and our programs are designed with this audience in mind. We take into account both applicable federal law and legal precedents as well as directing you toward compliance with state and local laws and regulations. We also ask that you provide us with a copy of your company or school district policy in advance so that we can customize your training.

What are your fees, and how do I schedule a workshop for my organization?

Costs vary depending on length of training, location, and class size. For more information or to schedule a workshop, please CONTACT US.