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Coaching Perspectives in the New Millennium
By William D. Berard III, Attorney at Law, Certified McGrath Trainer
As we enter the new millennium it is important to review our attitudes and perspectives on coaching to be certain that we are current with the changing times. In today’s litigious society the area of sexual harassment law has now permeated the coaching ranks. In addition, coaches are being held liable for not properly assessing players’ injuries or permitting players to participate while they were injured. Finally, coaches today must be aware of student athletes’ attitudes and personalities in order to effectively relate to them. This article will discuss these three areas and give insight as to how we can continue to be successful coaches. more…

By William D. Berard III, Attorney At Law, Certified McGrath Trainer
For decades, hazing rituals have been as much a part of high school athletics as the zone defense and the forward pass. Hazing is the initiation of underclassmen and/or new additions to a particular athletic team to assimilate them into being “part of the team”. It can consist of anything from carrying a gym bag for their upperclassmen teammate to being subjected to brutal physical beatings and sexual assault. In the past, it was unheard of for teammates to discuss such activities outside of the locker room. Today, however, in our litigious society, it is essential that school districts not only become aware of such hazing activities, but also go out of their way to prevent such conduct from occurring within their athletic programs. more…