Since 1978, Mary Jo McGrath and her associates have trained over 100,000 executives and managers in employee supervision, evaluation and documentation and in matters pertaining to sexual harassment, discrimination and misconduct. Our programs are delivered through a variety of methods including group discussion, role-play, videos, skill building, and written materials.

The field of “legally based training” has a reputation for being dry, boring and full of “legalese.” This is because most qualified legal experts are simply not qualified educators. McGrath Trainers are that rare combination–both experts in their field and highly skilled, entertaining trainers. They consistently receive the highest ratings and accolades from workshop participants.

“SUCCEED is an amazing cultural and systemic methodology that has greatly enhanced our administrators’ supervision and communication skills… and our ranking as one of the top three large school districts in Colorado.”

Kathleen Crume, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, 
Academy School District 20, CO

“With 46 school sites and 30,000 students, we wondered how to get our site administrators up to speed quickly and affordably, on sexual harassment prevention and intervention. We found the McGrath CyberSchool to be the perfect training tool in an era of tight budgets. It’s affordable and the quality is excellent.”

David Beaty, Title IX Coordinator (Ret.) 
Horry County Schools

“The McGrath system resulted in a much better relationship with the union, a significant boost in employee morale, and higher accountability among managers.”

Stephan Betz, Assistant Director, Solano County Department of Health and Human Services, CA

“Before the McGrath training, our people were doing their best to address immediate problems, but missing the underlying causes. Out of the McGrath Training, we reorganized the way we intake and investigate sexual abuse and misconduct complaints.”

Dwight Collier, Chief Internal Auditor (Ret.), Caddo Parish Public Schools, Shreveport, LA

“Every school district that values student safety and ethical behavior can benefit from SCHOOL BULLYING: TOOLS FOR AVOIDING HARM AND LIABILITY [by Mary Jo McGrath].”

David Jolliff, Ph.D., Book Reviewer