Mary Jo McGrath is an investigating attorney whose expertise can be tapped by public and private K-12 school districts, colleges and universities. She has been called upon to investigate on-going complaints in the educational arena as well as analyze the efficacy of investigations conducted by districts.

An investigating attorney for more than 25 years, Mary Jo has mastered the art of environmental scanning, witness identification, interviewing witnesses and alleged perpetrators, analyzing the facts of the case and creating a written report that includes a plan of action to mitigate or remediate the situation. Mary Jo is able to interview people of all ages and obtain the facts that lead to a conclusion as to the validity of complaints or concern.

Mary Jo can work with your district on matters that require an impartial, outside investigator to get to the truth and build the public’s confidence in the district. She has expertise in investigating bullying and harassment, sexual harassment complaints, sexual abuse and educator sexual misconduct allegations, employee misconduct and much more.

She can also conduct a forensic analysis of your district’s investigation for your defense counsel.

Contact Mary Jo McGrath at McGrath Training Systems, 800-733-1638 for a personal consultation, or through our Contact page