Expert Witness Consulting

Mary Jo McGrath, attorney-at-law, will review and evaluate K-12 public and private school policies, management practices, performance evaluation systems and performance communication for its legal soundness and compliance with state and federal laws. Her expertise in developing risk management programs and processes to reduce a district’s general legal liability and administrators’ personal legal liability will help districts implement proper policies and procedures to safeguard students’ well-being and create a safer school culture. She has deep expertise in evaluating bullying and illegal harassment policies, complaint intake processes and incident investigation and remediation strategies.

Ms. McGrath is a past chair of the U.S. Department of Education Expert Panel on Safe, Disciplined and Drug-Free Schools. She has done extensive work educating administrators, supervisors and certified staff on the warning signs of educator sexual abuse in schools, and how to investigate such allegations in a legally fit and educationally sound manner. She consults with districts and makes recommendations to help districts develop policies, practices and training that are appropriate and effective.

She performs analysis and recommendations relating to providing the proper standard of care for handling school personnel matters for organized and at-will employees, tenure matters, sexual harassment, sexual abuse and educator sexual misconduct, bullying and illegal harassment, and informed consent for participation in school-sponsored intramural sports.

Contact Mary Jo at 800-733-1638 for additional information, or through our Contact page