The McGrath Training Systems Inc. programs are designed by nationally recognized education law attorney, licensed investigator, and Expert Witness in Bullying/Harassment lawsuits, Mary Jo McGrath.

Author of Bullying and Harassment Solutions for Schools: How to Educate, Investigate, Remediate. A must-read to understand the adult response required to address bullying, illegal harassment and discrimination.

Programs focused Investigation of Bullying-Harassment Incidents. Learn critical interviewing skills for all parties involved. You’ll learn investigation techniques from an expert that will help administrators get to the root cause quickly. This Cohesive Adult Response program to Bullying-Harassment and Discrimination incidents provides step-by-step requirements on how to comply with federal and state law as well as board policy. Click here to view the course description. Offered on-site only.

SUCCEED with TRUE-SPEAK® provides powerful written and spoken communication skills to resolve supervisory issues quickly and enhance employee performance with clear, fair, factual and legally based methods.

Learn About what participants say makes McGrath programs more than they ever expected.

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  • SUCCEED Curriculum Preview
  • McGrath Curriculum Preview for Sexual Misconduct In Schools
  • Bullying and Harassment Complaint Intake and Investigation

Complete Bullying – Harassment Curriculum

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